Saturday, 26 October 2013

The TIAS Piccadilly Express with bonus train cars

Sherry Pence promised a bonus pattern to those of us who finished the TIAS. The pattern turned out to be for two train cars attached to the locomotive. So now my Piccadilly Express is complete. Toot, toot! :-)

We were instructed to start the TIAS with two fully-loaded shuttles. I had to do a shoelace trick for the last wheel, but then there was juust enough thread to finish the two train cars!

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Jane's Bookmark Cross in floral colours

I've just finished doing a Jane's Bookmark Cross for a friend (pattern here – and here and here! :-) ). I used Lizbeth Wildflower Size 40 – it's one of my favourite colourways.

I had a lucky accident when I started it – the first ring happened to be blue, the colour in the middle, where the colours start changing in opposite directions. (I.e., Green - red - pink - yellow - purple - blue - purple - yellow - pink - red - green). So, the colours on opposite rings were almost the same. Of course, when I started the second pass, I deliberately arranged the colours in the same way. A very pleasing effect, don't you think?

TIAS Days 8–11 – It's the Piccadilly Express!

I fell behind a bit with posting my updates for the TIAS by Sherry Pence. But now I'm caught up! :-) So, here are the remaining 'days' of tatting:
Day 8 – I thought this might be a hansom cab, with a tatted pony coming next 

Day 9 – okay, two small wheels, one big rear wheel, bulldozer thing in front…

Day 10 – The chain and big ring seems like a funnel…

Day 11 – it is a funnel! All aboard the Piccadilly Express!
A very fine little locomotive! Really had me guessing most of the way. Thanks, Sherry, for all the fun!

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

TIAS Days 5, 6 & 7 — what on earth can it be?

I've been busy and not tatting very much. Thank God for TIAS — just a little bit of tatting each time.

So, here are Days 5, 6 and 7. As you can see from my wild guesses, I really have no idea what it is! After Day 6, I thought, okay, it's going to join back to the second picot on the flower, then it will go back out and make another loop of the same shape and join back into the third (or first) picot of the flower. But Day 7 joined back into both those picots! Back to the drawing board…

Day 5: Is it an easychair with a big cushion at the foot?
Day 6: Is it one leg of a pair of trousers?
Day 7: Is it a cannon (with a flower on the back end)?
Day 7: Or is it the upper part of a ballgown?

Tuesday, 1 October 2013